COVID-19 Information

I realise many parents are concerned about co-parenting through COVID-19. I am receiving a lot of calls and emails with confused and conflicted parents so I've made this publicly available immediately.

  • Follow the government advice on sickness, travel, school and quarantines.
  • You must continue with existing orders for parenting time, regardless of your personal views.
  • There may be some disruptions to supervised visits for a period. If you are the resident parent please arrange alternative contact through Skype or FaceTime. If you are not comfortable to facilitate that yourself, please ask a family member or friend to do it for you.
  • There is a module within the course which gives you tips for keeping actively engaged with your children when you are the non resident parent.
  • Most family lawyers, mediators and other professionals are still working, even if remotely. Please reach out to a professional for help if you need advice, rather than asking on social media.
  • Communicate calmly and cooperatively regarding parenting time. Your children need both of you to work together during this very difficult period.

The court information is available here

I offer free phone consultation to all enrolled students. Please reach out if you need help during this time.